PEARS (Parents. Empowerment. Access. Resources. Support.) 

Tennessee PEARS program is for families of children who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have hearing issues. This program allows these Tennessee families to connect with, talk to, or meet face to face with a trained staff person called a “Parent Guide.” Parent Guides are trained Family Voices staff who themselves have a child who is deaf, hard of hearing, or have hearing issues.

P2P (Parent to Parent)

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P2P USA is a national organization offering parent to parent support as a core resource for families with children who have a special healthcare need, disability, or mental health concern. Through our local partnership with this national organization, Family Voices of Tennessee has access to a national network of experienced, trained support parents and can provide a one-to-one match to the families we serve.

Parents Reaching Out Parent Time

Parents Reaching Out Parent Time is the name for Family Voices of Tennessee’s local parent support groups. Held in the Tennessee hospitals Family Voices of TN serves (heaviest concentration in Nashville, TN) these support groups are led by a trained Family Voices of TN educational speaker and bring together families who have a child with a special healthcare need, chronic illness, or disability. Parents Reaching Out Parent Time offers a place where parents can share their story, connect with other families, and be educated on a relevant topic relating to the care of their child.

Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2FHICs)

F2FHICs are designed to provide family-friendly information about health care service systems and programs for children with special needs. Their purpose is to provide training or assistance to families in navigating various service systems, including Medicaid and TennCare, SSI for Children, Title V (Children’s Special Services), Early Intervention (TEIS), and other programs. Family Voices of Tennessee continues to operate as an F2FHIC.


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Our youth program engaging youth ages 14-24 to build a more inclusive world for people with special healthcare needs, chronic illnesses and disabilities. We do this by hosting bootcamps that promote self-advocacy, creating youth to youth mentorship opportunities and developing leaders.

Voices For Choices

Leadership training for families of children with special healthcare needs who want their voice to be heard in decisions that affect their child’s care. When a group of decision makers hear the “real life” stories of day to day challenges that families of children with special healthcare needs face, they are more likely to make informed decisions that can greatly improve programs and services offered.