Youth Advisory Council

In collaboration with Family Voices of Tennessee and the Tennessee Department of Health, The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) brings together youth/young adults (ages 14-24) to advise on activities, programs, policies, and resources affecting the health, wellness, and transition of youth across the state of Tennessee.

The YAC is formed by youth/young adults (ages14-24) across Tennessee who are willing to:

1. attend quarterly meetings.

2. prepare for and contribute to meetings.

3. keep meeting discussions confidential and not take decisions personally.

4. conduct themselves in a respectful way, understanding that their actions will reflect on the YAC and the Tennessee Department of Health.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Accepting Applications Now!

September (TBD): YAC meeting (open for visitors)

young, fair complected man with dark facial hair and brown eyes smiles at the camera

Jack Blanda, Youth Program Coordinator